Designing future-proof IT architecture.


DevOps is a practice that every product should follow. It brings developers and operations together to form a smaller and active product development lifecycle. Sigma's team specializes in setting up such an architecture. It is able to set up automated test acceptance and a proper CI/CD process.


The Stonks DevOps Team can set up various tools such as single sign-on/LDAP authentication, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Gradle, and AWS. Sigma also provides hiring and consulting services for on-site and off-site DevOps engineers.

An investment in the future

Software Testing and Q&A

As an independent software testing company, Stonks GmbH offers sophisticated and comprehensive software testing services with a dedicated, competent and expert testing team committed to continuous quality improvement. Our delineated standard testing procedures are a perfect blend of manual and automated testing.

Our primary focus is on ensuring improved quality at every point in the project and avoiding post-delivery defects.

Since data must also be understood.

Business Intelligence Services

Stonks GmbH offers a range of enterprise-level business intelligence and analytics solutions that help you see beyond the data. Our decades of experience with data-centric solutions help companies get the most out of data and improve the decision-making process based on intelligent interpretation of data.

Our business intelligence services include BI reporting, dashboarding, data warehousing, smart analytics, custom data visualization, and BI consulting to improve overall business performance.

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